About Us

Established in 1998 as Stonnington Citizens for Reconciliation, Reconciliation Stonnington has for over 20 years educated the community about local Indigenous history, truth, and culture.

For us reconciliation is:

  • justice: the gap between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal social outcomes – education, health, justice, employment - are unacceptably high
  • identity: Australia should embrace and value the rich cultural heritage and living culture of the world’s oldest living culture – this should be a core part of our Australian identity.

We aim to:

  • promote a deeper understanding, respect and harmony between indigenous Australians and the wider community
  • develop community awareness and appreciation of Aboriginal history, culture and achievements
  • where possible, consult and seek advice from Aboriginal communities.

We are mostly whitefellas, taking responsibility for fixing the harm done to First Australians since white colonisation. Aboriginal people are welcome to join, but we recognise the many responsibilities and cultural load they carry. We broke it, we need to fix it.