These are key links to reconciliation at the local, state and national levels - the linked sites have further information and links. We have a few publications and these are available below.


Local Reconciliation

Statewide Reconciliation

  • Reconciliation Victoria has much information and further links on statewide matters such as Treaty, reconciliation in education, other local reconciliation groups, reconciliation in local government
  • Maggolee contains reconciliation information on all Victorian local government areas
  • Aboriginal Victoria site of State government department responsible for Aboriginal affairs, with information on Treaty, Registered Aboriginal Parties and more
  • First Peoples’ Assembly of Victoria is the voice for Aboriginal communities across the state, representing them in the next phase of the Treaty process
  • ANTaR Victoria is an activist organisation that campaigns on land justice, social justice and reconciliation

National Reconciliation

Our publications

We encourage you to join Reconciliation Victoria and ANTaR Victoria, receive their newsletters and join in statewide activities and action.


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